Castlevania - Symphony of the Night Any% (glitchless)

Useful Techniques:

Dracula's Castle

Richter's Fight with Dracula

Entrance / Alchemy Laboratory

BOSS: Slogra and Gaibon

To Clock Tower and Outer Wall

BOSS: Doppleganger

Clock Room to Colosseum

BOSS: Minotaur and Werewolf

Long Library

BOSS: Lesser Demon

Clock Tower

BOSS: Karasuman

Castle Keep

Royal Chapel

BOSS: Hippogryph

Colosseum / Clock Room

Marble Gallery

Underground Caverns


BOSS: Succubus

Underground Caverns

Clock Room

Castle Keep

BOSS: "Richter" (seriously, don't kill Richter)

Inverted Castle

BOSS: Darkwing Bat (Let's Get Dangerous)™

Inverted Clock Tower

Inverted Outer Wall

BOSS: The Creature

Inverted Marble Gallery

Inverted Underground Caverns

BOSS: Death

Inverted Castle Keep

BOSS: Medusa (use sword attack and holy water)

Inverted Holy Chapel

Inverted Olrox's Quarters

BOSS: Akmodan II (holy water)

Inverted Clock Room

BOSS: Shaft (sword attack)

BOSS: Dracula (back dash into corner, refill mana with prism, crouch and spam sword attack)